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35 is a quick novelette, and Tim Eagle's first longer story, also featured in the collection Blood, Dreams & Tears, here's what one reviewer says: "The author was able to convey feelings of dread, hopelessness, fear and depression in the first few pages which hooked me instantly. This was a powerful story that will stick with you."

Book Blurb:

Thirty-Five year old Alyssa is tormented by her past, an abusive marriage that she can't flee, and is forced to go on a trip to find film for an obscured camera. Can she talk reason into her husband? Does the old adage "what don't kill you makes you more strong" apply? As the trip progresses, Alyssa is haunted by her past. This is Alyssa's tale, take her hand and join her in a nightmare world as the terror follows her.

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