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Tim Eagle's first novella in print, and in everyone's favorite town of Stevats. "A really unique story that was well-written and disturbing. Trust your senses! Tim has a way of pulling you into a twisted tale of hyperosmia. Follow your nose to this great read!"

Book Blurb:

Krae's nose always knows. She has hyperosmia; a heightened olfactory sense which tells her something is rising in Stevats--and it stinks. Horrors from the past seek to resurface, heralded by the terrible odor, and the screeching of crows.

Death swirls all around Krae, bringing chaos and confusion. Her marriage, her job, and her very being, all seem at risk by something ethereal lingering in the air, something just below the range of even her perception.

But is the stench haunting Krae's house a threat, or a warning?

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