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One Last Breath

This is Tim Eagle's first attempt at a romantic, dystopic reality, for everyone's indulgence. Here's what reviewers say, "a massively intense love story plus long-term character arc couched inside the framework of an insane, inhuman, Dystopia." , "You will find pain and beauty, in this wonderfully written short."

Book Blurb:

As society starts to unravel, Sloan's world begins the day he meets Cara. They marry despite increasing government restrictions. As everyone else stares at their phones, they see only each other.

Sloan and Cara's love grows, even as the last pillar collapses. Law is replaced by arbitrary rules. Mechanical brutality supplants justice.

Can their love withstand this new world, or will they succumb to the fallacious order?

One Last Breath is a story of love, loss and terror...

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