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Vasectomus (Part 1)

Tim Eagle delves into a different realm of body horror, creatures, and depraved humanity in Part 1 of a 6 PART Vasectomus Collection, all books are from different points of view, and tell the story in the same Vasectomus Mythos. "A once successful musician who is now washed up. His wife Sue really wants a baby, and reluctantly Sabre goes along with Sue’s requests for sex. However, Sabre has a secret..."


Book Blurb:

In Stevats, a tucked away city pinched into a rural ass crack of society, there's something dark. His name is Sabre, and he doesn't want to come, in his wife, Sue. He will go to great lengths to avoid having "babies" and will take drastic measures to ensure his offspring don't exist. Will his efforts be enough? Read this quick Tim Eagle tour of madness and find out, it will surely make you squirm.

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