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Walking Free (Part 2)

Tim Eagle delves into a different realm of body horror, creatures, and depraved humanity in Part 2 of a 6 PART Vasectomus Collection, all books are from different points of view, and tell the story in the same Vasectomus Mythos. "Walking Free reintroduces us to Sue, sometime after the events of Vasectomus, as she's about to participate in a peculiar ceremony, presumably something isolated to the town of Stevats. We find her wearing a mask"


Book Blurb:

In Part II of the Vasectomus Trilogy, Sue has been through too much in her life not to read her "Stencil" at an arcane ceremony in Stevats. Join her in this nerve racking ceremony as she talks about her life before and after her husband Sabre. Will Sue "Walk Free" after all that she has been put through, will she reveal a secret at the end? Put on your mask, required at the Stencil Ceremonies, and breath easy as you read about Sue's world.

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