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November 2018 (e-Book & Print)

Stepping out of his comfort zone, Jimmy Englewood, travels east, an Airstream in tow, with a secret plan to make his deceased parents' wishes come true. A shock to his system and the open road gives him clarity as to the questions of life, death, memory and the anchors that tie him down into the sad reality of loss.



June 2016 (e-Book & Print)

In the world, there is Blood. There are Dreams, morbid, demented dreams, filled with terror, monsters, and more life than you'd like to recognize. The monster materializes: you sweat, your heart beats faster, and then there are Tears, falling gently down your face. These tales will bring it all out, and be a constant reminder that monsters do exist, and that there is no escape. Turn the pages, slowly, if you dare.



July 2009 (e-Book)

The fifth issue of the UK's hottest new genre magazine featuring fiction by horror legend Joe R. Lansdale and many more. Plus amazing artwork, reviews and more! Featuring Fiction By Joe R. Lansdale, Skadi meic Beorh, K.C. Ball, Mark Howard Jones, Lee Gimenez, Ian Hunter, Claire Nixon, Tim Eagle, Charlie Zacherl, L. R. Bonehill, K.J. Hannah Greenberg, Kevin Sheehan, Gail Gray.


Full Shade

March 2021  (e-Book)

Teenage acne, heavy metal and disgusting boils invade Todd Draper. Find out who the Maji-Man is in a piece of flash fiction. Join a freak who prepares for the end of the world. Finally, follow a crazy "free" woman who breaks the shackles of society's reign in another Stencil Ceremony. Get out of the sun, turn on the lights, and enjoy these stories in Full Shade.



February 2021 (e-Book & Print)



May 2021 (e-Book)

​Thirty-Five year old Alyssa is tormented by her past, an abusive marriage that she can't flee, and is forced to go on a trip to find film for an obscured camera. Can she talk reason into her husband? Does the old adage "what don't kill you makes you more strong" apply? As the trip progresses, Alyssa is haunted by her past. This is Alyssa's tale, take her hand and join her in a nightmare world as the terror follows her.


September 21st, 2021

Krae's nose always knows. She has hyperosmia; a heightened olfactory sense which tells her something is rising in Stevats--and it stinks. Horrors from the past seek to resurface, heralded by the terrible odor, and the screeching of crows.

Death swirls all around Krae, bringing chaos and confusion. Her marriage, her job, and her very being, all seem at risk by something ethereal lingering in the air, something just below the range of even her perception.

But is the stench haunting Krae's house a threat, or a warning?

The Vasectomus Trilogy

November 2021

Part I...In Stevats, a tucked away city pinched into a rural ass crack of society, there's something dark. His name is Sabre, and he doesn't want to come, in his wife, Sue. He will go to great lengths to avoid having "babies" and will take drastic measures to ensure his offspring don't exist. Will his efforts be enough?

Part II... Sue has been through too much in her life not to read her "Stencil" at an arcane ceremony in Stevats. Join her in this nerve racking ceremony as she talks about her life before and after her husband Sabre. Will Sue "Walk Free" after all that she has been put through, will she reveal a secret at the end? Put on your mask, required at the Stencil Ceremonies, and breathe easy as you read about Sue's world.

Part III...Charles “Chuckles” Effucuss, a lonely courier, reflects on life, on death, drugs, sex, and his future in a finite reality. He meets and befriends Sabre, a washed-out rock star. Chuck, enamored with his hero, and dreams of fatherhood, is drawn into Sabre's web of lies, and deceit. Does Chuck find that cliched meaning of life? Can he escape the prison of drugs and toxic friendship and move forward? The tale of Effucuss unfolds fast, and concludes a side to a story that not even the Stevats Chronicle has been able to close. Meet Chuckles Effucuss, a man that may have answers that you’ve only struggled to perceive.