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Xodus (Part 4)

Tim Eagle delves into a different realm of body horror, creatures, and depraved humanity in Part 4 of a 6 PART Vasectomus Collection, all books are from different points of view, and tell the story in the same Vasectomus Mythos. "Eagle's cult horror rocks in this sick tale about a trinity of evil creatures pitted against one man's feeble attempt to stop the inevitable. Warped, wacky, and wicked!"


Book Blurb:

Ulysses crowns himself a prophet. A near-disastrous excursion to Lake Unega confirms his bias, and he sets upon a pilgrimage to save the world, armed with his faith, flag, and gun.

But confidence is no substitute for wisdom. As soon as he leaves Stevats, Ulysses becomes a pawn in something more powerful, more sinister, than any online conspiracy. The
Vasectomus creatures are back, ready for another bite.

The children have evolved. They are deadlier than ever. And Ulysses is there to witness their release, and their insatiable hunger. 

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