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A Doorway to Another Dimension???

When I take a break from writing, work and the campground, I like to explore the many areas available to see. About twenty-nine miles north, is Baltimore. I can honestly say Maria and I are all in when views are concerned, we love natural views. When it comes to city life, I like the sites, but peer at them with a bit more hesitation. On one of my days off I decided to load up and take a trip into Baltimore.

Maria and I have explored NYC, one of many big cities we have visited, and the biggest city that we have ever set foot in, and you know what? WE SURVIVED, and loved the atmosphere. Baltimore is no exception, there are many things to see.

I zig-zagged through some of the city streets, with our “Mario Kart” and Maria spotted the weird door, pictured below, on a building. This entryway intrigued me. I’ve always been a fan of the Doors, and Maria, in our past, went out of her way to buy doors, when renovating, which mostly needed cobbled in at Dark Nest (our old one room school that we sold to become full time). From the Victorian swinging door, to the small half of a French door used for the bathroom, each contained a story and were a nice addition to our little happy place. This structure featured, popped out at us during our drive time.

When Maria spotted this industrial piece of art: wood, metal, colors, and the like, I was like, yeah, that’s picture worthy. The tall brown stone that harnessed the entryway was immaculate as the building towered into the sky and was a remnant of row houses that had stood in solidarity at one point in time. I imagined grabbing the handle, opening it, and being wisped away into another dimension or time. The door had significance and the creator, I’m sure, was proud of the art. This place stood out like so much history in the city, and I admired the beauty that it possessed. I hope you gander at the picture and love it as much as we did.

We explored another place, an author’s place, and grave site, can you guess who? If not, no worries, that will be the picture and blog post here, next week. Thanks for reading.


Tim Eagle

Tim Eagle is an author of the novellas Stolen Seed, Life Ship, and the Vasectomus Collection. He lives full time, on the road, with his wife, Maria and their dog, Cocoa. He grew up in Michigan and is inspired by the dysfunction of America. His books are available on Amazon, godless and this site Thanks for reading, tune in next week for more...

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