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I can't believe this is happening to ME...

I’m going to do one thing before you read the rest of this and then I’ll shut up…I want all of you, since you’re my writing buddies, friends, and fans(?) to buy my book, Krae, on September 21st 2021 to help Maria and me celebrate 25 years of marriage. The royalty check may just help fill up our gas guzzling RV and we’ll travel somewhere special when the dust settles from the sale of our Dark Nest? Can you do this? Can you commit?

I did it; I was blunt and asked you, dear reader a direct question. How did it make you feel? Violated, pleasant? Pleasantly violated?

There’s a lot of reward for being blunt versus running around topics. At my age, I’m riddled with routine, a hard nose work ethic and doing this whole social media thing is not easy to navigate because, it’s not work! Or is it? I’m slowly moving into the dark corners of the encrusted World Wide Web, but the lube someone handed me to enter the confines is like rubber cement, and I’m stuck without the skill to navigate any of it. So please, if you’ve just read this, send me a video of how to loosen the grip of this suffocating world of social media and help me make some money, connections and tell me how to do it! While you’re at it, buy my book Krae on September 21st, 2021. See, it wasn’t hard, to give an ask.

I think I’m getting the hang of all this….no…maybe not….okay I’ll try harder next week!

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