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I LOVE to Travel and Camp / Who doesn't love a Campfire tale?

Everyone loves a campfire tale or some travel writing and I'm doing it, read on to find out what new horrors have risen in my travel life...

Welcome back, I'm writing, again, and it feels liberating because I'm sharing with you. Coming soon, if procrastination, new work camping opportunities, and other life events, don't get in the way, I will have a travel series of horror fiction.

Here's the meat and potatoes. You, who come here to the blog, will have first dibs on reading it, and guess what?...drum roll'll be free! Yes, each week, I will have a chapter (under five minute read) posted here, on the blog, for YOU, dearest of fans, family, social followers and everyone in between. The title of the series is still TBD (to be determined) and my travels to different areas of the United States will be the true inspiration. The tales with have a rusty spoon, a converted "camper van", and a main character who takes the reader through many different cities, states, and who experiences heavy doses of the bizarre.

A little history on the idea. Everywhere we, Maria and I, travel, I have reached out to locals, dig around about urban legends in the locale and then, include them into my writing. Of course, the series is horror, who don't like a little horror as a travel companion or inspiration to travel to places? I know I do! This is not a new concept, but this will be PURE TIM EAGLE fiction.

That is my recent endeavor! So if you have subscribed to my newsletter, link is right here on this page, you will be alerted via email for each post and get the very benefit of updates on my life, travel, and newest releases. How cool is that? Please, sign up for the newsletter, come back here often, and head on over to or and buy some of my books. I appreciate the royalties, and a paycheck. Thanks for supporting my business.

Tim Eagle

Tim Eagle is an author who lives full time, on the road, with his wife, Maria and their dog, Cocoa. He grew up in Michigan and is inspired by the dysfunction, insanity, and nepotism of rural America. His most recent releases, Krae and Stolen Seed are both available in e-Book and print. Find Tim Eagle at on Amazon: and on godless: If you liked reading this, sign up on and get alerted whenever something new is posted!

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