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I'm a Reptilian, a Baby eating Cannibal, I am a...

Did I get your attention?

I believe that social media isn't social. It's a pretentious habitat where generations, younger than my own, generation-x, are dwelling and thriving like growth in a petri dish. They've been practicing since high school, some since age five (a sad reality) with a support system established for many years. I can't gain momentum on social media, with the risk of sounding ageist, I think that I'm too old to compete. There is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, throw in Snapshat and Tik-Tok, and a podcast for good measure and where is there time for me to write? Since I'm an "indie" author, I have to write. I can't spend time to see how many fucking followers or subscribers I have. When sales are light I don't even get on said social sites and say "Buy my fucking book, my cupboards are bare!" (although this has crossed my mind on more than one occasion, people don't listen to me.)

Yes, I do have a few accounts, and I don't hesitate to throw my links, books and announcements onto said accounts, but that's where I draw the line. Can these social sites help me gain an organic following? I doubt it. There's algorithms designed to only give attention to topics like: Trump, Reptilians, Baby eating Cannibals, which I am neither. There's no place for fiction because this type of shit is filling everyone's heads! The world is tossed into a heap of conspiratorial National Enquirer-type videos, newsfeed articles and short clips of someone spewing cultish claims. There's been a flip where everyone's reality is fiction. Our society has a steady diet of garbage and are slowly forgetting how to read, write, speak to people face to face and live in a delusional world of social media grandeur thrown like food to caged animals.

How can I keep up with that?

Do I have to say things like, "Join me on my next blog when I interview Chuckle's the clown who admits to eating babies from the dumpsters of an abortion clinic." ? I can't bring myself to stoop to that level. What I can do is trudge through this writer's world. I can still show you that my work ethics are strong and that I won't give up. I can give you a peak into my crazy dark fiction that hopefully seeps through the cracks. The next time I post something, be sure to like it, follow it, buy it, and help support an artist who brings entertainment to you the best I know how! Was that too blunt? I hope so...

Thanks so much for reading! I truly appreciate it. Oh, join me on my podcast here: Tim Eagle Podcast

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