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I thought...ASS to MOUTH? How bad could it be?????

It was 2007, people were content with their flip phones, Facebook was a stalking butler in the background, and to socialize in an employee break-room, with something other than a piece of tech in our hands, was dominant. Something hit the streets, this rotten bitten piece of fruit, think Adam and Eve and the forbidden bite, (thanks to the low budget American Satan movie for that metaphor, insert bitten apple emoji here). These i-devices entered hands, a screen lit up, and the future that Star Trek predicated, albeit a little bigger, was born.

I’m a user of these square screened devices and all that is packed into them. I will admit I use it far too frequently, have had many a stark conversation with people about Android versus iPhone, and I will always confirm Android is the best, getting the last word in. What I won’t confirm is that this technology, which has beaten us into submission for many years, is a good thing.

These square demon boxes, with all the bells, whistles and apps loaded inside, create a sense of stress for most. I’m no exception to that. People are confident behind the screens, often ranting and speaking untruths about their lives, because the apps and social networks allow it, promote it, and “keep us connected”? Are we though?

These boxes have opened the flood gates to more than we can handle. The lack of control we have, the sense of connectedness is merely just an illusion. I’m scared waking up in this nightmare world where a two-year-old learns to smile at a square box in mommy’s hand before they say their first coherent sentence. These demon seeds are the metaphor that the movie Human Centipede warned us about and gave it to us smeared with shit and horror. The movie told us in 2009, two years after the first iPhone, that we were all metaphorically going to be tied to one another ass to mouth, and these devices were going to take anything we, as humans have evolved into, and get rid of it.

We have been rewired, and now, even though my brain has devolved and taken the bite, I must exercise restraint, relearn all the habits which once were, and regain my given right to disconnect from the very devices that have taken me away. But first….

…please follow my blog, like my posts, heart my videos, and subscribe to my channel...

...the DEMON BOX WON...I’m in a state of submission as I write. This isn’t an illusion, this is MY reality…

…I guess I was wrong and the ass to mouth connection will be ME forever!

Thanks for reading!

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