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If you can't QUIT a disgusting habit...

Are you ruled by habits like the two lizards in the picture? I can help you overcome those unruly demons in your head, mind, body or soul...

If you can't quit a disgusting habit, buy my books. My fiction is a resting place for the broken, lost, empty, confused, desperate, and rejected. Every character is a sinner, and every reader is a Saint. There isn't a single person in the stories I write that don’t hate or regret something they’ve done. So whatever you've done, whatever you're doing, whatever you will do does not matter as long as you’ve taken the first step to buying a novella, collection, or a short story written by an indie author on your social feed. Oh, don’t forget to get on the rooftops, of social media, and tell everyone you’ve joined the chaotic and macabre fold of Tim Eagle Fiction!

I hope this helps all of you overcome those demons that don't shut the fuck up, those same horny creatures who shout at the top of their lungs for you to act on a whim. Please don't, by any means, act on impulse unless, of course, you're buying one of my books of fiction. Thanks so much for reading, it was great talking to you. Now head over to amazon or godless and purchase whatever's available from your favorite indie author!

Remember my novella Krae is available in both PRINT & E-BOOK on September 21, 2021. Print for only $6.99 and e-Book for only $1.99, a great deal! Both on amazon and godless!

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