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Is Being a Writer Worth IT?

I often question whether "being a writer" is worth it. I dump words on paper, get feedback, I format, read out loud, re-format, edit multiple times, and ask for more feedback. It's a cycle with many checks and balances. It's a routine because that's how I perform the best. Most of all, when that self doubt enters the crevice of thought and seeps into my world, I have to fight it off.

I fight it off because I hate to lose.

So today, a day when some of my friends, family, and past acquaintances, are relaxing or working, I say thank you. All of you who continue to support, purchase, leave reviews for my fiction, even if some of it may not be the genre of fiction you like, I appreciate you. If you ever ask, is "being who you are" worth it, I hope you remember this post. I pray that you realize that yes, being alive, making good choices and doing what you want with your life is WORTH IT. Have a great Saturday!

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