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What has Our Life BECOME in the RV???

Season’s Greetings! From Tim & Maria to YOU!

Winter has arrived, and this year marks a very significant year in the lives of "us", Tim and Maria Eagle. As of September 22nd, 2021, a day after celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, we have adapted our world into an RV. We live, breath, sleep and eat, one hundred percent of the time, in the confines of a Class A motorhome (you can follow that journey by subscribing to it’s free). We have had the opportunity to winter in the sunshine of Florida for the past two years, so we had some practice, thanks to my parents' generosity. During those years we prepped for the life and were also thrown into months, years even, of loneliness that can come with the lifestyle, thanks to Covid.

There are some that can’t do it, by “it”, I mean, live this life and miss out on the holiday gatherings that may be happening while they’re on the road, or too far away to visit with family. We have had many, many years of traditions, love, and many, many gatherings. Time with family, friends, and loved ones was cherished, and we look back on those days fondly, because the reality is that they are less frequent in this lifestyle. Those times were important, those places and family were loved and looked back on with smiles and heartfelt emotion. We attended holiday events that will forever be in our hearts and memories. We cling because they remind us of our lost loved ones, our current family, and everyone in our lives who we share our hearts with, but may not get to see.

There are times when holidays come along and we can’t be with our adult children, or extended family, face to face, but Maria and I have one another, and our long-term marriage has helped anchor us, regardless of what separates the traditions that have passed on to others. We have formed other ways to celebrate, explored different routes as we mail packages, meet up on video and throughout the year attempt to make contact and connect with our adult children and family to help with the heart felt pains of absence.

I don’t want to dwell on getting “blue” this holiday season, I wanted to give everyone some words as to where we are in our lives as full time RV people. Maria and I extend the deepest of greetings to each and everyone of you, and wish you the best in the New Year to come. ‘Tis the season to be loved, to love, and to venture down the winding road of the calendar year and to make it to the next in 2022. Here’s to good health, good fortune, adventure and the mental strength to endure whatever life hands us and all of you. We love you all!

Yours truly,

Tim & Maria

Tim Eagle is an author who lives full time, on the road, with his wife, Maria and their dog, Cocoa. He grew up in Michigan and is inspired by the dysfunction, insanity, and nepotism of rural America. His most current novella, Krae and The Vasectomus Trilogy are both available in e-Book and print. Find Tim Eagle at or here on Amazon: and on godless:

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