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Sex on the beach in Florida....

It's been a while and while down here in Florida, on a beach, with the sun beating down on my face, my skin drying and chaffed, hot and sweaty I....

Okay, enough of the click bait....Effucuss, what the hell is that? It’s the title to the third and final(?) part of the Vasectomus Trilogy, named after the stories main character Charles “Chuckles” Effucuss. Chuck is a character that is briefly mentioned in a piece of dialogue in Vasectomus, the first short story of the trilogy. In a “nut” shell, laugh if you will at the bad pun, Vasectomus and Walking Free had a child, if you studied the covers on both of the books you’ll understand the metaphor, and that child is, drum roll please, Effucuss, the book not the Chuck. The first two books baffled most, confused others and Effucuss puts a stop to all of those conundrums. Chuck’s character brings light to all things relatable, fatherhood, having a family, drugs, sex, rock, and friendships, albeit with a perverted, hormonal point of view. I wrote all three stories in different intervals in my life and Effucuss is probably the most definitive because of the length, substance and the half assed relatability Chuck’s character conveys.

Tomorrow on October 22nd 2021, over on if you purchase Effucuss for only $.99 you will get the first two parts, Vasectomus and Walking Free, for FREE! I appreciate each and everyone of you and I will leave you with the book’s blurb below. Thanks so much for your purchase and the reviews, oh, yes, reviews help me with exposure and lures people into my fiction. YOU, reader, are essential employees of my works of art.

Charles “Chuckles” Effucuss, a lonely courier, reflects on life, on death, drugs, sex, and his future in a finite reality. He meets and befriends Sabre, a washed-out rock star. Chuck, enamored with his hero, and dreams of fatherhood, is drawn into Sabre's web of lies, and deceit. Does Chuck find that cliched meaning of life? Can he escape the prison of drugs and toxic friendship and move forward? The tale of Effucuss unfolds fast, and concludes a side to a story that not even the Stevats Chronicle has been able to close. Meet Chuckles Effucuss, a man that may have answers that you’ve only struggled to perceive.

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