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Takers never win! Givers always do...

This day, 25 years ago, Maria and I became husband and wife, and to celebrate twenty five years of bliss, I'm releasing Krae, a novella, if you don't already know this. In between Nick Cage memes, a slew of blogs, rants, reviews of other authors who I admire, my newest book is out and in print. I’ve taken polls of all my readers and the majority said that they prefer print book over e-Book. To be fair I wanted everyone to gain access to Krae so it was published in both formats and on two platforms, amazon and godless. (links below to purchase)

Publication takes a lot of time. I’ve spent the better part of six months with this novella, writing, editing, editing, reading it out loud, reading it again, editing it again, and now it is in the light of day.

The story is a quick read, about fifty pages, and is about Krae, a young woman inflicted with a hyper sense of smell, or Hyperosmia. Her sense of smell can detect the truth, a lie, and in the book she detects something sinister that could take her life. Krae has humor, it has myth, but most of all I didn’t write it to gross anyone out. Are there horror elements in it, yes? Those elements just give the story that “ghost story” vibe with a richly developed persona that is Krae, and hopefully it gives you, dear reader, goosebumps.

So, here you have it, another Tim Eagle exclusive in print, e-Book and available today, the same day I celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary to my bride. While we’re eating take out and binging a movie, I’m asking you to head over to or and purchase Krae (links at bottom with convenient buttons). Please buy it, read it, review it and mostly just enjoy the book. Be sure to take selfies sniffing the book posted on whatever social media sites you partake in, feel free to tag me. Thanks so much, I appreciate each and every one of you!

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Krae:

"Eagle managed to design characters and incorporate the sense of smell into true horror...there's nothing else quite like his mythology and imagery." Ruth Ann Jagge, author of Criss Cross Girls featured in the collection Good Southern Witches

“Krae was a unique story, dark, disturbing and intriguing. I haven’t ever read anything quite like it.” Donna, reviewer

"I really enjoyed it. I loved the use of hyperosmia too, very interesting and not something I’ve come across before.” Corrina, reviewer

"With a mixture of ancient mythology, lucid and dark disturbing imager, a unique character that can smell even the most disgusting scents....Krae is like nothing that I have ever experienced reading. Tim Eagle gives us these stories set in Stevats and they are so unique and original." Karla's Korner, reviewer

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