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The Open Road Beckoned Us

A growing family, nine of us in total: tents, a travel trailer, and three Airstream tow behinds was the life to see the world. We took our large family on many trips. To the swampy heat of Louisiana, swamp tours, the French Quarter and an old cemetery. To the happy home of Mickey Mouse. To the east coast to see Acadia National Park, Salem and the likes of a fishing town in Massachusetts. Our kids were lucky enough to leave small town life behind, albeit for only a couple weeks, and get a breath of fresh air outside those confines on our family vacations.

These events were all precursors to what Maria and I will decide to do years from those trips.

As the kids were all grown, and we were essentially staring at the walls, we decided to sell our 1964 19’ Airstream Globetrotter (featured on the cover of my book Life Ship) and upgrade to a Class A Motorhome. For those of you unfamiliar with the definition, a Class A has a gas motor, two seats in the cabin and the rest of the rig are your living quarters (tour video of our first Class A Mothership embedded below) . Maria wanted an Airstream, and what she wished for, I granted. I located an Airstream Land Yacht in Michigan (pictured below). We looked at it, purchased it and we were hooked. The room, ease of driving, the security, the built-in generator to supply us with electricity when needed, were all staples that convinced us it was what we needed.

Some of you might ask, what was wrong with the Airstream Trailers? Nothing, but we wanted something else, a different experience, and we’ll probably never go back to travel trailers again. Our journey and travel life had morphed, and we were about to experience a change that would forever influence our lives in an RV.

Three tips to surviving years of marriage without killing each other or divorcing on next weeks post. Continue to find out what lead us into this life EVERY Wednesday here on the blog…(video of our first "Mothership" posted below!)

Thanks for reading...

Tim Eagle

Find out where RV travel, exploring, DIY and writing is prevalent on video at the Dark Nest Travels YouTube channel here: Dark Nest Travels.

Tim Eagle is an author of the novellas Stolen Seed and Krae, among other books. He lives full time, on the road, with his wife, Maria and their dog, Cocoa. He grew up in Michigan and is inspired by the dysfunction, insanity, and nepotism of rural America. His books are available on Amazon, godless and Kindle Unlimited. Thanks for reading, tune in next week for the next chapter...

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