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Tim Eagle Newsletter / Issue 3 / FICTION in PRINT

First off if you don't hop on social media often, my first novella, Krae, is being released on September 21st 2021( in both print & e-Book, for both copies and for the e-Book) . This date is significant in two ways, first and foremost it is the date that Maria and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and second, we will officially have sold our Dark Nest and be living in the Mothership (a 30' Class A Motorhome, or caravan, for those abroad) full time on the road. We are both excited, nervous, and bombarded with a profound sentimental state of loss, and extreme happiness. We've shared our lives together for 28 years and are both still alive, so we're doing something right on the relationship front, haha! My goal is to sell at least 50 copies of Krae, one of America's favorite Super SNIFFERS, the first week. This is what one author says about the story... "Eagle managed to design characters and incorporate the sense of smell into true horror...there's nothing else quite like his mythology and imagery." Ruth Ann Jagge, author of Criss Cross Girls featured in the collection Good Southern Witches

Something NEW: A full narration of a short story There Will Be Tears is available. Click the link of title if you want to hear my sexy voice.

I've been "eating local" at recently and purchasing as much fiction as I can from indie authors and giving them the support by reviewing their books. Each of these books I'm about to plug, may or may not, be your cup of tea, coffee, or pop, because it is extreme fiction, but I gave it a try to "taste?" something different. I rated all of these books 5 stars because they were well written, flowed nicely and delivered in the "extreme horror" genre. Here are the titles/links for each if you wish to buy them (they are all reasonably priced): Sweet Shot by Todd Love / Horseplay by Nikolas P. Robinson / The Second Cumming Book I by Matthew A. Clarke / Godless League 3 : The Doze by Drew Stepek / Fish Pie Face F*** by Sean Hawker

So, from me to you, I wish you all the best and I hope that during these crazy times of a pandemic (that never seems to end), division and uncertainty all pass you by without causing illness, loss or heartache. Thanks so much for reading, subscribing and as always for the support in any endeavor my creative mind takes me!

Tim Eagle

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