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What the actual F**K is a SUPER SNIFFER? Video explains...

Let me begin in the video below....

The delicious and highly anticipated SUPER SNIFFER challenge is on the cusp of reality in 12 more days!!

Krae is America's SUPER SNIFFER and she's my hero. On September 21st, 2021 I challenge everyone to get your copy and when it comes in the mail, take a picture of you sniffing it and tag me, Tim Eagle, in the pic. Here's what a peer is saying..."Eagle managed to design characters and incorporate the sense of smell into true horror...there's nothing else quite like his mythology and imagery." Ruth Ann Jagge, author of Criss Cross Girls featured in the collection Good Southern Witches.

I look forward to the pics, the support and all of your beautiful faces helping this fine character, Krae, come to life on social media!

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