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Stolen Seed 

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Urban rot and small towns of shattered dreams are cornerstones in the world. Benson Rhoades, an aging serial killer, has tried to kill the rot, but needs to shake the anonymity of city life and find new challenges. After a kill, Ben stumbles on a faded business card, inspiring him to export his talent to a small town north of the City.

Despite the fertile grounds of the bucolic, tree-lined streets of Stevats, his primal killing instinct disappears mysteriously upon arrival. Driven to regain his talent and ambitions, Ben stumbles into a society of academia with deep, cultish undercurrents. He faces a choice: perform a task, or continue a life without his kill switch engaged.

Stolen Seed is a journey down the dysfunctional roads and trailer parks of Stevats, a place where just maybe the seeds of this serial killer are yet to sprout. 


About the Author


Are you a voracious reader who loves fiction? Welcome to the home of Tim Eagle, an author of the bizarre and dark. Pull up a chair, browse around, and buy your favorite piece of fiction!

Tim Eagle is an author who lives full time, on the road, with his wife, Maria and their dog, Cocoa. He grew up in Michigan and is inspired by the dysfunction, insanity, and nepotism of rural America.


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"The questions asked of life are within the soul, the answers are found in the dark of our minds."

Tim Eagle