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2009 / My LUCKY Year? / Busy, Busy, Busy..

It was 2009, where everything seemed to be changing in the world of electronics. Little did I know, 2009 was going to be good to me.

I was slowly grabbing the idea of creating e-Books, sending submissions without physically mailing them, and the wife and I were trying to juggle seven kids. It wasn't a great year, but then some of my hard work paid off, I was published. Yes, my short story, Symptom, which in hindsight, was in dire need of editing and polishing, was accepted for publication! (it appears in Morpheus Tales #5, available on Amazon. Symptom also appears in Blood, Dreams and Tears, also available on Amazon).

So, now, after emerging from many years of slumber, I'm actually writing fiction that flows easier, has more substance, and not near as much editing. You can learn from mistakes!

There are advantages to ways of old, but I'm learning, albeit slowly, to adapt, to take my horse blinders off and to continue into the abyss and very competitive industry of writing. Thanks for reading. I must leave and jump back to the page.


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