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He attacked me.... How did I deal with crazy?????

I'm in Florida...The other day, while prepping to start bombarding all of my social feeds with adverts on the newest novella, Stolen Seed, I felt a deep connection with crazy. "Crazy" because this is the definition: mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way. That's me? No, it's really not, but Benson Rhoades, my main character in Stolen Seed, may qualify, and that's where my connection was. This post gets better, I promise. If you haven't watched the video above, please watch it before proceeding, thanks!

Being locked in this state of Florida sunshine is a remedy for some. I doubt the melancholia my northern friends are feeling in this deep winter state that they are getting enough of those golden rays. I empathize with all of you because I was a part of it for more years than I fucking enjoyed, haha! The temps start pulling the winter blahs out like a bad hand of cards. Weather is the dark cloud over every ounce of rationale you might have had prior to its grip. The winter pull immerses as you slip deep into the fold of being trapped in the house, gazing out at the dark gray sky, wondering if rain, snow, sleet or artic wind will come. You're probably calling me an asshole for reminding you of what you're experiencing. That's okay, I've been called worse, on more occasions than I can keep track of.

I can attest to all of you that this reality, this world we live in, will sometimes fool each and everyone of us into believing and doubting who we are, or who we want to be. Our dreams and aspirations can be shattered by mental illness and there are triggers that will encourage depression. I combated the connection with "Crazy". I refuse the embrace, because I write. Writing is my release, my outlet, and my very core. What I write can be scary at times because the content I put on paper is dark, dreary, and contradictorily lovable and huggable in other instances.

In essence I was attacked, taken by the mind while writing about a victim of abuse who is zany, an insane culmination of his past, and a man who we can empathize with on levels we never imagined. I pulled through, countered the attack, and finished the novella, putting it to rest, and then bringing it to light in publication. You will need to read to find out whether Benson Rhoades attacks you, pulls your heart strings or knocks you out of your reading chair. Only you, reader, can be the judge of whether or not he is a part of your life!

I appreciate you watching, reading, and for your future purchase of Stolen Seed on March 7th 2022 when it is released (links below).

Thanks for reading!

Tim Eagle

Stolen Seed will be available for purchase on and on in both eBook and paperback.

Tim Eagle is an author who lives full time, on the road, with his wife, Maria and their dog, Cocoa. He grew up in Michigan and is inspired by the dysfunction, insanity, and nepotism of rural America. His most current novella, Krae and The Vasectomus Trilogy are both available in e-Book and print. Find Tim Eagle at or here on Amazon: and on godless: If you liked reading this, sign up on and get alerted whenever something new is posted!

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