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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Distractions, what are they? Distractions are like the bait I used to titled this blog entry. They're those pesky notifications, apps, email, text messages, and a slew of other mosquitoes that buzz in your ear. They turn people like me, a writer, into mush, most times. Not to mention, those aforementioned disturbances turned entire generations into walking, talking,'s me, I'm those generational people. I'm slowly melting into one of those mouth breathers, staring at my screen, and occasionally wiping a sliver of drool from the corner of my lips, a stupid grin on my fucking face, or a dumfounded look that relaxes every muscle around the eyes and mouth, turning me into an overgrown, gigantic CLOWN!

I beat my head into a wall, in a proverbial sense, every time my fiction is not read, liked, or meshed into the cliques that are getting social media attention. Every time my writing, i.e. e-book and paperbacks, or posts don't get the attention they deserve, I blame me! And clearly it's that "algorithm" that is truly at fault. I consistently write fiction, albeit hurriedly, just so that I can see who the fuck pressed an emoji icon on my most recent post, picture, video, or subscribed to my lame ass travel/fiction YouTube channel. I'm part of the product that is being sold, scary, isn't it? We're just monsters created by the larger conglomerate of douchebags who want our money, our attention, and who want failure.

Can I resist? I don't know yet, but I'm trying, real hard. If I don't, I'm just going to curl up and fade away into oblivion, and no one wants that. This spinning world of altruism and angst, created by the companies that truly hate, but pretend to love, are trying to change me, have in some ways, and are changing the world to keep it stupid, and that's not okay. So time to take breaks, more frequently, take breathers in what matters most to me: the living, the breathing, the tangible and the world, shall, from here on out be MORE, instead of less. Now I have to put my best foot forward and give me some "ME" time, and enjoy this place called earth, while we still have it (oh, that's another story!)! That's it, that's my rant. Thanks for reading!

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