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The BEST Little Horror House in......

The best Little Horror House in…what the F**k? I’m going to promote a place that is local, to me, and should be to YOU. I eat local, how ‘bout you?

Horror has nested itself in a new business called This platform is a digital enigma, a niche market that corners visitors into the face of indie authors’ works of grandeur. Godless is the very essence of the world of imagination, fantastic, bizarre, and outside the boundaries of “traditionally” published work.

Horror literature has been inundated with the likes of King, Koontz, Barker; the list is too long for me to ramble on about. All of these writers deserve respect, but they have already seen the light of day, and the green in our wallets, I honor them for that, but…..horror has taken a hit because of the mass market behind them. Minds of readers have come to expect the “same old” thing, in horror, and horror is often viewed as a craft that has vanquished into a dust cloud. The industry has been convoluted by contemporary publishers and has blindfolded future readers from seeing a legit, independent market that needs attention. This new market deserves credit and brings that much needed horror genre back from the depths of gloom.

This isn’t a rant to come off as being “better” than the contemporary authors that we’ve all grown to know and love. There is something great on the horizon, it is Godless and it DELIVERS! Godless is something that we, as readers, need to support. Starting on Friday, October 1st, 2020, and every day in the month of October, is offering up a new book, and sometimes two, for the 31 days of Halloween. I know personally that I’m going to be there to open my wallet, load up my e-Reader and download a new book each and every day to support the hard work of my peers in the indie market.

If you’re reading this, please do the same, you are not only supporting the industry but potentially someone’s child’s college fund, or helping them pay a bill or two. Thanks for reading; I hope to see you all on October 1st, with wallets open and a shit ton of e-Books and other fiction wares!

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