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What the ACTUAL F*** is Vasectomus...

Okay, Vasectomus, is not about male birth control, it is the title of a Tim Eagle Short. It's a story that was previously written as Jim Falcon in an Anthology titled: The Gates of Chaos, available in softback and e-Book on Amazon. This short story will be available as a stand alone Short by Tim Eagle, exclusively on .

The tale has swelled, along with my courage, into something bigger! The narrative has become an ADHD trilogy of torture, love, and empathy, in that order! Vasectomus is about Sabre doing the torture. The second story, Walking Free (featured in Full Shade is also getting a stand alone on godless) is about Sue and the love she has for her offspring. The third story, is a novella length story Effucuss, a tale of Dr. Charles (Chuckles) Effucuss who offers empathy to all creation.

Please mark your calendars for August 7th 2021 , for Vasectomus, links will be here as well as on my facebook page timeaglefiction. Here's a video link to Vasectomus if you're interested in checking out the newest promo. If you're into creatures, lust, and love, you have to read these stories when they are released. Here are the book covers for Vasectomus and Walking Free!

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