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HO! HO! HO! Santa Claus is Coming....but first Turkey!

Who's has an interest in reading something written by me, Tim Eagle? Have you been able to read anything that I've written? If not, what can I do to nudge you in that direction? My prices are low and in both e-Book and some print books, something for everyone. I'm working hard for you, friends, family and fans. This holiday season I'm creating a new brand of Tim Eagle fiction. These novellas, if they see the light of day, will still follow my mythos, but include characters that need to get away from Stevats and travel. I will continue to keep my prices low, so please make sure that you purchase my books, review them. Give them a star rating on Goodreads or simply leave a quick, "I liked it", on Amazon. My books are struggling to move up on these crazy social media/Amazon algorithms and could use all of your support. Like this post, share it, and please head over to my page to buy some fiction, and leave me some reviews. Thank you all!

*Paperbacks: Krae ($6.99) , The Vasectomus Trilogy ($6.99), Blood, Dreams & Tears ($9.59), and Life Ship ($4.58)

**Now you can buy signed paperbacks of: Blood, Dreams & Tears, Krae, and the newest paperback, The Vasectomus Trilogy. Click here and buy your signed edition today! Signed Paperbacks & Merch

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